St Joris Waterbottle


A beautiful bottle that will compliment any bike, not just a St Joris.

This is the water bottle by which all others are judged: The Purist. The bottle is ‘smoke transparent’ with print in grayish-white and black. The cap is leak free and effortless to use. The internal coating shields the inside from any bad taste, mold or staining. Nothing sticks, so your bottle stays clean and your water tastes pure. No residual taste from previous drink mixes. No plastic taste.

The bottles are BPA free, printed with non toxic inks and dish-washer proof. The advanced Watergate cap can be taken apart for cleaning. With its 650ml. it is just a bit easier to use on those hot days, while still having the looks of a small bottle. In short; a stylish quality product for your favorite rides!

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