Sputnik Gravel

Sputnik is a limited annual batch production gravel bikes. Made to measure. Hand crafted in St Joris’ workshop.

Annual color scheme
A Sputnik comes with an annual unique color scheme. This editions’ colors are based on the 90’s iconic paint schemes.

For 2023, we are proudly presenting Sputninks’ 5th Anniversary Limited Edition:

The Sputnik Supernova Series.

The limited Supernova Series offers two iconic paint schemes to choose from.

Your Sputnik Supernova is designed, built and assembled from scratch in our workshop because every rider has its own perfect fit. The frame geometry is made to fit the owner’s riding style and is built by hand to perform in a way that you have not experienced before.

Orders are limited to keep the quality and service high.

Discover what Sputnik has to offer

Frequently Asked questions

No. Every bike we build is tailor made for its owner.

You can mount tires up to 700C x 42 mm on a Sputnik. In exceptional cases, we can create more tire clearance for you. This depends on your personal requirements for fit and handling and your choice of drivetrain components.

A Sputnik is hand made in our workshop and could be called a little less custom as compared to a St Joris Allroad.

Both are fully made to measure, but with two differences:

A Sputnik Gravel is TIG welded in our workshop in limited annual batches, whereas St Joris Road and Allroad use a flawless silver fillet brazing technique with lighter tubing to build the frame.

Whereas St Joris gives you full access to the paint shop, each Sputnik batch has its own distinctive paint design – creating a Sputnik family. Check this years Supernova edition.

We are able to extract your position exactly from an existing bike. For the very best starting point, you can bring you own bikefitting report or book a fitting with our partner Pedaalkracht.